COVID-19 Testing Available at the Woodbury Urgency Room

We now have the ability to perform expanded COVID testing at our Woodbury location.  We're here to provide the latest information for those experiencing COVID symptoms.

When should you consider COVID testing?

If you are experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough and other respiratory issues but are considered stable, visit The Urgency Room in Woodbury.

ADDRESS: 7030 Valley Creek Plaza, Woodbury, MN 55125
PHONE NUMBER: (651) 789-7000
HOURS: Open 12pm-9pm, daily

If you feel like you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. 

Can you drive up for a test?

No. We are not performing drive-through style collection at this time, at any location. 

What can you expect if you visit The Urgency Room in Woodbury with COVID-19 symptoms?

All patients are greeted and triaged by a paramedic before entering the building. You must be evaluated inside by a provider before COVID-19 testing can be considered. We cannot guarantee you will be tested for COVID-19. You must meet the provider's guidelines for testing, presenting with symptoms of COVID. View a visual walkthrough of the process for more information.

Can you be tested if you do not have present symptoms of COVID?

The provider will make the final decision of whether or not testing is warranted however if you do not present with current symptoms of COVID it is not likely you will be tested based on the state test guidelines in place.

What happens if you are tested for COVID?

A sample will be collected at The Urgency Room and sent to an external lab for testing. You will be given discharge instructions from the provider and staff at The Urgency Room. You will receive a call from The Urgency Room between 2 and 5 days with the results and follow up instructions.

Are tests analyzed locally or do they have to be sent for processing?

The tests are collected at The Urgency Room and sent to an out of state lab for processing.  This is a normal procedure for clinics not affiliated with a large health system.  We generally receive the results back within 2-5 days.  All patients receive a call from The Urgency Room as soon as the results are received.

What if you show up to Eagan or Vadnais Heights and wish to be tested for COVID?

Stable patients with concerns for COVID will be diverted to Woodbury for further treatment. Our Woodbury location is roughly 15 minutes from both Eagan and Vadnais Heights Urgency Room locations.

Are there other options if you think you have COVID-19 and you wish to be tested?

There are a number of telehealth options available if you don't feel you need emergent medical attention. Please review the additional online resources provided with helpful tools to get you the kind of care you need.

Are antibody tests available?

No, at this time we are not conducting antibody tests at The Urgency Room.

Onsite Testing Video:

Additional Questions:

You can call us or email us if you need additional information:

Woodbury, noon to 9pm:  651-789-7000
Eagan, noon to 9pm:  651-789-9900
Vadnais Heights, noon to 9pm:  651-789-6500

We typically respond in 1-2 business days

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