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Every day The Urgency Room provides immediate medical care to many communities within the Twin Cities. Operating a free-standing facilities in three separate locations allows The Urgency Room to serve these communities better by providing patients with easier access to medical care and information. We are firm believers in community giving and actively participate and contribute to many celebrations.

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ImageIts that time of year again, watch out for those pesky ticks. 

Watch us on Kare 11 as we explain what to look out for and when to seek medical attention. See the full video here.

  • Watch out for:

    -Engorged ticks -ticks who have been attached for more than 24-48 hours
    -Rash or bullseye around the tick bite
  • -Remember your surroundings -wear long clothes and always check yourself and your family if you have been out in long grass or wooded areas

Helping Keep you Healthy

The Urgency Room is dedicated to providing our communities with information to ensure they can live active healthy lifestyles. Check out some of the most recent press featuring content from our UR doctors:

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We care about health and wellness and educating the public.  We're always willing to do our best to assist in sharing our knowledge to help sustain happy and healthy communities.  You can find us appearing on the local news, radio and monthly cable programming.  Contact us if you're interested in scheduling a discussion with one of our ER physicians for your organization.      

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