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Why am I Feeling Dizzy?

Posted by The Urgency Room on March 29, 2018 03:14 PM
Dizziness is a sensation people experience that renders them feeling faint, woozy, weak, or unsteady. Dizziness can vary both in duration and severity, and can be a symptom of a number of concerning medical conditions or diseases. While the majority...Read More

Concussions in Youth Sports: What Parents Need to Know and How to Prevent Them

Posted by The Urgency Room on March 27, 2018 03:34 PM
The danger and prevalence of concussions has made the brain injury a hot topic in the world of professional sports, and the discourse has trickled down to the youth sports level. With so much national discussion on the matter, it’s important for pare...Read More

What is Causing My Child’s Fever?

Posted by The Urgency Room on March 02, 2018 09:08 PM
When a child says that they’re not feeling well, or if they appear ill, one of the first steps parents take is to feel their child’s forehead for a signs of a fever. And for good reason. While fever is not an illness on its own, fever is a common sym...Read More

Common Ankle Injuries and How To Treat Them

Posted by The Urgency Room on February 27, 2018 04:59 PM
When we think about ankle injuries, we often think about them being the result of a sports injury. While it’s true that sports are often the culprit of ankle injuries, you don’t have to be LeBron James or Simone Biles to suffer an ankle injury. An an...Read More

5 Common Classroom Colds and Viruses

Posted by The Urgency Room on February 27, 2018 04:56 PM
When the cold season strikes, classrooms are often hit hard. In school, kids are always in contact with each other, and are prone to spreading germs to commonly used items. Shared classroom materials, computers, recess equipment, door knobs, desks, a...Read More

Your Guide to Staying Safe While Winter Biking

Posted by The Urgency Room on February 07, 2018 10:14 PM
Riding a bicycle is an excellent form of exercise. Riding a bicycle improves a person’s health by increasing a bicyclist’s cardiovascular fitness, joint mobility, muscle strength and flexibility while decreasing their stress levels and body fat level...Read More

Common Causes of Chest Pain

Posted by The Urgency Room on February 02, 2018 03:59 PM
Chest pain is one of the more common symptoms that requires people to receive medical attention. When most people think about chest pain, their minds immediately leap to heart attacks. While chest pain is a symptom of suffering a heart attack, more t...Read More

Most Common Winter Injuries in Minnesota

Posted by The Urgency Room on January 29, 2018 05:17 PM
Cold weather and snow are not the only things that arrive when fall fades into winter. The change in season also brings a number of injuries that are unique to winter. If you’ve experienced an injury while performing a wintertime activity, you’re not...Read More

Cold Vs Flu: When You Should See A Doctor

Posted by The Urgency Room on January 19, 2018 09:38 PM
It can be difficult to tell the difference between a common cold and influenza. Both of these illnesses can cause similar symptoms including fever, sore throat, body aches, cough and congestion. Colds and the influenza are both respiratory illnesses...Read More

You Have a Sprained Knee, What Do You Do?

Posted by The Urgency Room on January 04, 2018 10:40 PM
Spraining your knee is a painful, disruptive injury that can throw a wrench in your ability to move around normally. Due to the different degrees of knee sprains, it can often be hard for people to recognize whether or not their knee sprain can be tr...Read More