Your COVID Testing Questions Answered:

We hope you find these FAQs helpful.  Please continue to refer back to our website frequently for updates and changes to our testing policies.

What is a rapid COVID test?

We are rapid testing with Abbott's ID NOW molecular test.  It is the fastest molecular point-of-care rapid test available today. The availability and ease-of-access of ID NOW delivers results in minutes rather than a day or more to help reduce the risk of infection in society by detecting more positive results than would otherwise be found.

How is the standard COVID test different?

The standard COVID test are collected at The Urgency Room and the specimens are sent out to an external lab for processing.  Standard COVID test results are returned within 5 days.

How do you sign up for rapid COVID testing?

All rapid COVID tests must be scheduled online  You can select your location and time based on availability.  Please note, the test spots fill up very quickly.  Try to reduce the number in your group, select a different location or check back the following day if you are unable to reserve a spot.

Can you call in for an appointment?

No.  At this time rapid appointments are only available online. 

Can you walk-in for a COVID test?

We are testing walk-in patients who present with active COVID symptoms.  We encourage patients without symptoms to schedule a test online.  We are limiting walk-in tests to symptomatic patients only. 

How do you determine who gets the rapid tests?

We have an allotted number of tests available each day for scheduled and walk-in patients.  Scheduled testing slots are available at 8:00am every day.  Appointments are filled in the order they are received.  There are a limited number of rapid tests available for walk-in patients with symptoms.  We cannot guarantee walk-in patients will receive a rapid test.  Tests will be administered based on need and availability each day.  Online appointments are guaranteed a rapid test.

Why are the appointments always filled so fast?

The appointments are available each day at 8:00am.  Because there is such a high demand, the spots are typically filled within minutes each morning.  We encourage you to check back the following day at 8:00am.

Can't you offer more rapid tests if they are filling up so quickly?

We do not have an unlimited supply and only have a certain number of tests available each day.  We are doing our best to continue to service the high community demand.

Can you sign up for more than one test?

You can request more than one test for people in the same family and household.  You may not request tests for friends or significant others.  You are limited to no more than 4 appointments within the same time-slot.  In order for us to serve you best, we cannot make exceptions.  If there are more than 4 in your family who wish to be tested please select more than one appointment time or day.

What happens when you show up for your rapid COVID test?

Let the front desk staff know you have a rapid test scheduled.  You will be tested and will receive your results before you are discharged.  Your provider will review your results with you and will go over any necessary treatment plan or discharge instructions based on your results.

Can you drive up for COVID testing?

We do not offer any form of drive-through testing at this time.

Is COVID testing covered by your insurance?

We recommend you check with your individual insurance carrier on your testing coverage.  At The Urgency Room you will also see a provider.  Coverage for the test and visit will depend on your individual insurance and plan. We are collecting $225.00 for COVID testing for patients without insurance.  Additional charges could apply based on symptoms and treatment.

What can you expect if you visit The Urgency Room without COVID symptoms and want to be tested?

If you do not have active symptoms we request that you schedule a test online.  

When can I return to work after my COVID test?

Return to work requirements vary with each employer.  We are following the CDC guidelines and are encouraging our patients with both positive and negative results to refer to their website:  CDC Guidance on Returning to Work

What is the accuracy of the Rapid ID NOW COVID test what about false negatives?

Abbot states that various studies are demonstrating ID NOW COVID molecular test performance is between ≥94.7% and ≥98.6% agreement. At The Urgency Room, you’ll be tested for COVID and assessed by a doctor for your unique situation; a provider will talk with you about your plan including the plan in the case of a false negative.   

Are antibody tests available?

No, at this time we are not conducting antibody tests at The Urgency Room.

Still Have Questions About COVID Testing?

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